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While many adults may hold off on seeking medical treatment until they absolutely need it, medical care is just as important for adults as it is for children. With internal medicine, we can help patients receive the professional care they need when they need it. Internal medicine focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in adults.

Internal medicine is offered at Emerald Pediatric & Family Clinic in Houston and the surrounding areas. With internal medicine, we will spend most of our time diagnosing medical conditions that affect all kinds of people, from those with chronic conditions to those that only require short term care. We will help determine the cause of a patient’s pain instead of only treating the symptoms of the condition.

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Professional internal medicine

An internist is not that different from a general doctor. Both are primary care doctors who offer treatments for a variety of health conditions. The main thing that separates the two fields is the fact an internist only works with adults, while a family physician can treat all the members of a family unit.

As a family and pediatric practitioner, we can provide professional medical treatment for children, adults and everything in-between. This way, patients can bring family members to one location instead of having to visit separate medical practices for different members.

The Benefits of internal medicine

With the medical training our team goes through to practice internal medicine, it allows them to diagnose and treat people with specific problems. At Emerald Pediatric & Family Clinic, we can treat a variety of health issues and recommend how the patient can maintain a healthier lifestyle to continue the recovery process.

We can also provide preventative care, including services like mammograms and cancer screens. Some of the treatments we offer include:

  • High blood pressure treatment
  • Women’s health
  • Men’s health
  • Hearing screenings
  • Vision screenings
  • Common illness treatment
  • Far too often, people will assume that whatever condition they have is temporary and does not require professional treatment. While store-bought pain medication can help relieve pain, it will not provide long-term relief.

    High blood pressure treatment

    A person's risk of developing high blood pressure increases as they age. It occurs when the force of blood pushing against the arteries is high enough to lead to health conditions like heart disease. The amount of blood pumped by a person's heart and their arteries' resistance to blood flow determine their blood pressure.

    It is a condition people can develop without exhibiting any symptoms. Our internist provides blood pressures tests and treatments that help to lower it. They also educate patients on lifestyle changes they can make to lower their blood pressure.

    Women’s health

    There are specific health problems that are more likely to occur as a woman ages like breast cancer. Some of these changes significantly impact a woman's quality of life and limit their ability to perform everyday activities. We can test and diagnose these conditions in order to recommend treatment and how the patient should proceed.

    Men’s health

    Just as is the case for women, men also deal with specific health issues as they get older. Men can become more vulnerable to diseases like prostate cancer or experience a reduction in their sexual performance due to lowered testosterone production.

    Hearing screenings

    Hearing screenings are typically done using quick tests that evaluate how well the patient picks up certain sounds. When hearing issues are detected, the patient will be given a more detailed hearing test – called an evaluation – to further check their ability to pick up sounds.

    Routine hearing screenings are vital since issues that affect the auditory system typically do not exhibit any symptoms until substantial damage occurs. Common problems that can affect a person's hearing include Tinnitus, infections and Meniere's disease. Our doctor tests for all these issues and provides treatments to those who need it.

    Vision screenings

    Our internist also provides vision tests to evaluate how well patients can see. Just like the ears, issues with the eyes are significantly easier to treat when they are detected early. Eye disorders like glaucoma usually do not have any symptoms until it causes permanent damage.

    Vision screenings can also determine if a patient needs corrective eyewear.

    Common illness treatment

    We provide treatments for a wide variety of illnesses from the flu to an infection. Many patients go to the same internist for the vast majority of their healthcare needs for decades. If a patient develops an issue the internist is not qualified to treat; the patient will be referred to another doctor who is trained to administer treatment.

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